Jorja please look at this.

Jorja, I just tried to OD. I was about to swallow a ton of pills, and my mum walked in and saw that all of them. I told her I was taking one and I just spilled it and she believed me. I am really fucking scared Please talk to me as soon as you see this. You were the only one that could help me. I know you hate me now, but we used to be so close to another, just please remember the good times and help me. Imagine if I really did kill myself, and you see how I asked for your help? Just please help me Jorja

I’ll see you in november.

Look at what I left as my message on skype Jorja. The message that you can leave under your profile picture. I am going to miss you a ton. We are mad and stressed out now because we both have things to worry about. Maybe we can get back together after we talk for a while. Maybe we dont have to rush things. I will message you the 24th of november, probably on facebook. please unblock me, I am fully convinced that this is what we need right now, and  it will make it easier for me to contact you again. All I know for sure is, You left a huge, huge void in my heart, and that void cannot be filled easily. Stay safe Jorja, and dont do anything that you wouldnt want me to do. If we do get back into a relationship, Jorja, it is going to be a serious one. I will be fully committed to it, as long as you are to. We will both be better people, and we can have fun just like we used to. And we can work it out. I have always wanted to move to the U.K, my mum just never took me seriously. She saw the impact you made on me, and she finally took me seriously, which is why she started worrying, But I already talked with her, and she said it is fine as long as I stayed in touch. Anything is possible, anything is worth it, as long as you are doing it for someone you love, and that is what I want to do Jorja. Have a nice time until then, and be safe. You are so much more special than you think you are.